The Library Global Excellence Tour 2017 is primarily aimed at senior leaders in public and academic libraries in the UK. The tour, completely free to attend thanks to our sponsors, is designed to showcase global excellence and ambition in library service delivery and to inspire library leaders to achieve excellence in their service.

Excellence is a quality that people really appreciate as it’s so hard to find, achieving it is never easy to do and this tour will showcase a snapshot of the best library service delivery globally. You will hear from the library movers and shakers who have delivered and you will get real world examples of what is possible in your service, state or nation, even in austere times.

How can the library sector stay relevant by responding more effectively to the changes and upheavals caused by digital technologies? How do we work together to make our fabulous rich cultural heritage and collections accessible? Who’s ahead of the game across the world?

Don’t worry if you could not make it to any of the tour locations near you, we have updated the website with images and videos from each stop of the tour so you won't miss out. Also be sure to have a look at the speakers section of the website as you can now download their presentation from the day.

Our Keynote Speakers

Our forward thinkers speaking at all of the events.

Jane Cowell

Director of Engagement and Partnerships: State Library of Queensland

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Jane and her team had a dream of a new and engaging Digital Library Discovery platform. They’d evaluated vendor solutions and concluded that there was nothing available that would help libraries compete with Amazon. A report titled ALICE- “Through the Looking Glass” was produced and this has evolved into Project LUCI, an innovative development collaboration between Queensland, Victoria & South Australia. Hear her unique story and learn how this fits into Queensland’s vision for the Public Library in 2020 in the virtual realm.

Geoff Strempel

Associate Director: Public Library Services at the State Library of South Australia

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Geoff has implemented a single LMS across South Australia and a “1 Card” platform, allowing users access to all libraries and services statewide. He has transformed the library user experience (UX), while retaining local autonomy and identity for each library service. He has negotiated state wide e-content deals driving a high-quality UX and access in tandem with efficiencies and savings in content purchase. This has spun out into a successful commercial co-development of a new purchasing platform for all libraries.

Jeff Penka

Vice President of Product Management: Zepheira

Zepheira helps organizations better understand and use Web Technologies and Standards to unlock the value in their often hidden and disconnected data. Through much of Jeff's career, he has worked globally with libraries, consortia, and cooperatives to help them serve existing and new communities at the point of need. Jeff led the introduction of the Library.Link Network, a collaborative publishing infrastructure supporting libraries and LMS systems to accelerate library visibility on the Web. Today the Library.Link Network connects approximately 1500 library collections worldwide.

A Home Nation Perspective

Having been inspired by the great international work highlighted by our international speakers, a prominent and influential speaker/s from the library world in your home nation will add a local perspective. This will be your chance to hear the strategic direction being taken by libraries at a macro level in your country and how this will cascade down to your local region or area.


Kathy Settle : Chief Executive Libraries Taskforce

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Kathy became Chief Executive of the Taskforce in April 2015. She was previously Director for Digital Policy and Departmental Engagement at the Government Digital Service in the Cabinet Office. Prior to this, Kathy worked in the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office, and in Government Office for the North West. In her earlier career, Kathy worked for the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency as a Chartered Civil Engineer.


Neil MacInnes : Strategic Lead, Libraries, Galleries & Culture, Manchester & President, Society of Chief Librarians

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Neil is Strategic Lead – Libraries, Galleries and Culture. He is responsible for 22 libraries in the city including the recently £50m transformation of the Central Library, HMP Manchester’s prison library as well as the County Record Office and City Archives. Neil is also the President of Society of Chief Librarians and represents 151 English, 22 Welsh and Northern Ireland library services. Neil has over 30 years experience in public libraries having held numerous roles over 20 years in Glasgow City Libraries and the last 12 in Manchester, and has lead Manchester Libraries for the last 7 years.


Erik Boekesteijn: Senior Advisor at the National Library Netherlands and DOK Delft

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Consultant on the Public Libraries 2020 tour and events by the Reading and Writing foundation in Brussels and facilitator and consultant for IFLA on their new Global Vision Discussion. Owner of Shanachie Media and producer of This Week in Libraries and ShanachieTours.


Claudette Jones : CIO at University of the West of Scotland

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Claudette Jones has been the Chief Information Officer at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) since leaving the City of Edinburgh Council in September 2016. At UWS Jones is responsible for the delivery of IT and digital services transformation for the University’s 16,000 students across 5 UK campuses and world-wide. Leading an in-house team to deliver a transformative student success experience in a 21st Century University environment and enabling increased research activities.


Dr Jenny Peachey : Senior Policy and Development Officer at Carnegie UK Trust

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Jenny is Senior Policy and Development Officer at the Carnegie UK Trust. In this role she leads the Trust’s Future of Public Libraries work. This has included leading on ‘Shining a Light’ – research and policy work on how people use public libraries and what they think of them across the UK and Ireland; contributing to the development of Scotland’s first National Strategy for Public Libraries; and overseeing a practical programme of work, Carnegie Library Lab , that supports innovation and leadership in the public library sector across the UK and Ireland.


Emma Adamson : Director of Learning Services at the University of South Wales & Chair of The Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum

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WHELF’s mission is to promote library and information services co-operation, to encourage the exchange of ideas, to provide a forum for mutual support and to help facilitate new initiatives in library and information service provision. WHELF actively promotes the work of higher education libraries in Wales and provides a focus for the development of new ideas and services.


Alun Prescott : Operations Manager at Newport City Council
Society of Chief Librarians Wales

Alun has over 20 years experience working in public libraries in Wales. Vice Chair of SCL (Wales) he is the lead for the Digital Offer within Wales and a member of the Welsh Government Digital Inclusion Board.

Video Presentation

Videos from each speaker on the tour will be uploaded on the 2nd of October 2017 and will be free for everyone to view.

If you have any issues downloading any files from the tour please contact us at contact@libraryexcellence.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.